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Thanks for visiting our site, we are ‘International Developers in London’ and have 1 simple aim – connecting developers from around the world who have decided to progress their careers here in London.

Adam Bolton, founder of ID London

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The latest IDinLondon event features Kunal Mandalia & Raul Avila speaking on Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery.

Kunal Mandalia – Front End Developer @ MarketInvoice

“Building Universal React Webapps with next.js”

We’ll look at a prototype being built at MarketInvoice honing in on:
1. Performance
– fast initial page load with server side rendering
2. Best practice:
– Project structure
– TDD & Unit tested React Redux
– Using travis CI to test and deploy code to AWS

Raul Avila – Software Engineer @ Pivotal Labs

“5 mantras to write better software”

We can use lots of fancy frameworks and technologies in our projects, but at the end of the day what really matters is the quality and readability of the code we write, because this code will be read and maintain by a bunch of developers in the future (including yourself!).

I’ve found very useful to embrace the best ideas about software quality and professionalism as mantras, and apply them on a daily basis. In this talk we’ll review five of them, and hopefully we’ll learn new ones from the audience.

And remember to head to ABrecruit or Adam’s LinkedIn page if you’re hiring or looking for a new role!

Look forward to seeing you all, old faces and new!

WHEN: Tuesday 25th April 2017 @ 6.45pm – 8.30pm (GMT)
WHERE: MarketInvoice, Floors 2-5,  48-50 Scrutton Street, London. EC2A 4XQ.

Angular vs React.js – FIGHT!

Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

Introducing ID London

What are we all about? Well it’s very simple really.

Building Communities

Many developers arrive in London from foreign countries and English is often not their 1st language. So finding your way around or a nice place to live can be difficult – our aim is to connect developers in a friendly environment where they can make new friends and discuss the latest technology trends.


We are agnostic in terms of development skills, and have seen a broad range of technical skills from C# developers to Java developers, C++ Developers, Database Engineers, Mobile developers and so on.  As long as you are a development professional we are delighted to have you at our venues!

Making Connections

It’s difficult enough settling into a new city, so finding someone who you can talk to about their experiences in relocating is beneficial. Whilst recruitment isn’t anywhere on the agenda, if needed we can help you to find a job here in London with your well-honed development skills.


Back in 2013, Adam Bolton realised that there was a big influx of people coming to the UK from Italy to seek roles within the software development community.  He met up with an Italian developer that he had worked with in the last few years and told him of the idea for an ‘Italian Developers in London’ group to help people to settle in London and see if there was anything he could do to help them to find a job as his day job is recruiting top tech talent for some of the most exciting companies in the London tech scene.

From the success of these early meetups Adam was approached to start further groups for Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French & South African developers, all of which grew exponentially over a period of 18-24 months. There was a conference in 2015 too!  With the interest in the community driven talks about development the decision was made in early 2016 to combine all of the groups into ‘IDinLondon’ enabling people from all backgrounds to come along, network and learn. All for free!


We’ve helped hundreds settle here in London.

  • I met Adam earlier this year when I came to London (from Brazil) and was looking for a new position. He really helped me to understand the London market, as well as some tips on my CV and interviewing techniques. I was scared about the interview process here in London! Adam's help was fundamental for me to understand the local market and I am so grateful to him. He works really hard not only on recruitment, but also on our language specific community - thanks Adam!
    Rodrigo LaranjoRodrigo Laranjo
  • As organizer of the Italian Developers in London's Meetup, Adam is doing an incredible job. He can arrange either informal or technical events in a very friendly and stimulating environment. I think he is helping a lot of people in putting them together and allows them to share experiences.
    Mattia RichettoMattia Richetto