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International Developers in London


Thanks for visiting our site – our aim is to provide engaging content / talks from within our international development community here in London.

Adam Bolton, founder of ID London

Our next event is in…


For our newest event we are having a change of format!  Lightning talks!

Part 1


NameAdam Bolton
Title – “How not to get hired!” A quick talk on the things people to that end up with them not getting a job.
About Adam – Apart from running these events, Adam also hires for software developers and has been doing this since 2005.

NameJason Dryhurst-Smith
Title – “What’s is really SOLID?” Is SOLID really the best foundation for your code in a modern application? Maybe, but also, maybe not?
About Jason – Principle engineer at and long-standing engineering malcontent.

NameIona Seligman
Title – “Beyond the Double Diamond” – UX practitioners individual methods are coming under increased scrutiny as the industry matures, understanding of the role coalesces and tools become solid and specialised. What does this mean for the practice and more importantly – does it work?
About Iona – Iona is the UX designer at Recon, with an undergrad specialising in theories of mind and Masters in Business and Entrepreneurship from French Business School ESCP. She’s lived and worked across South America, Spain, France, Nepal and the UK and held job titles as varied as Opera Singer, Pilot Reservist in the RAF and most excitingly of all… IPO Accountant. More recently she caught the startup bug and has worked getting investment to high growth early stage businesses and at fintech accelerator Level39. When not at Recon she can also be found attending, speaking at and hosting meet ups on UX for startups or in the kitchen whipping up a feast. Reach out to her on twitter @ionaselig.

NameLeon Hewitt
Title – “When Good Code Goes Bad.”  We’ve all worked on code bases that are difficult to extend and maintain, but how do they end up like that considering all the good practices we profess to follow?
About Leon – Leon Hewitt has been a software engineer for almost 20 years. An early adopter of extreme programming, he has spent most of career wrestling with legacy codebases.

Part 2


NameRaul Avila
Title – “Why TDD?” Test Driven Development is a software development practice that may seem counter-intuitive, but it has lots of benefits when applied consistently. In this lightning talk we’ll review them from a non-technical perspective (no code!).
About Raul – I’m a Software Engineer working at Pivotal. Passionate about Extreme Programming and Clean Code, I think that if the code I wrote one year ago doesn’t make me feel a bit embarrassed when I review it today, it’s because I’m doing something wrong.

NameShruti Kulkarni
Title – “Powershell scripts and Information Security” Maintenance of Infosec frameworks requires effort. It helps where this effort can be automated. This is where powershell scripts can play a part.
About Shruti – Shruti Kulkarni is an Infosec enthusiast and a practitioner

NameTony Bernardino
Title – “Refactoring: How much is enough?”
About Tony – Fernando Bernardino – Full stack developer at eBay. Advocate for Agile, Lean, Craftsmanship and Work Ethics. Personal blog: “Grumpy Developer“.

Name – Simon Glass
Title – “Navigating the UK Venture Landscape” – Simon will be talking us through how to find your next VC capital funding.
About Simon – Simon Glass co founded qodeo to get entrepreneurs funded by VC & PE firms faster and better, globally. Simon has worked in VC, banking and as an entrepreneur, holds BA/MA and MBA degrees from Cambridge University and studied Corporate Finance at London Business School.

And remember to head to ABrecruit or Adam’s LinkedIn page if you’re hiring or looking for a new role!

Look forward to seeing you all, old faces and new!

WHEN: Monday 14th May 2018, 6.45pm
WHERE: MarketInvoice, 48-50 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4XQ.

Lightning Talks

Monday 14th May 2018 @ 18:45

Introducing ID London

What are we all about? Well it’s very simple really.

Building Communities

Many developers arrive in London from foreign countries and English is often not their 1st language. So finding your way around or a nice place to live can be difficult – our aim is to connect developers in a friendly environment where they can make new friends and discuss the latest technology trends.


We are agnostic in terms of development skills, and have seen a broad range of technical skills from C# developers to Java developers, C++ Developers, Database Engineers, Mobile developers and so on.  As long as you are a development professional we are delighted to have you at our venues!

Making Connections

It’s difficult enough settling into a new city, so finding someone who you can talk to about their experiences in relocating is beneficial. Whilst recruitment isn’t anywhere on the agenda, if needed we can help you to find a job here in London with your well-honed development skills.


Back in 2013, Adam Bolton realised that there was a big influx of people coming to the UK from Italy to seek roles within the software development community.  He met up with an Italian developer that he had worked with in the last few years and told him of the idea for an ‘Italian Developers in London’ group to help people to settle in London and see if there was anything he could do to help them to find a job as his day job is recruiting top tech talent for some of the most exciting companies in the London tech scene.

From the success of these early meetups Adam was approached to start further groups for Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French & South African developers, all of which grew exponentially over a period of 18-24 months. There was a conference in 2015 too!  With the interest in the community driven talks about development the decision was made in early 2016 to combine all of the groups into ‘IDinLondon’ enabling people from all backgrounds to come along, network and learn. All for free!


We’ve helped hundreds settle here in London.

  • As organizer of the Italian Developers in London's Meetup, Adam is doing an incredible job. He can arrange either informal or technical events in a very friendly and stimulating environment. I think he is helping a lot of people in putting them together and allows them to share experiences.
    Mattia RichettoMattia Richetto
  • I met Adam earlier this year when I came to London (from Brazil) and was looking for a new position. He really helped me to understand the London market, as well as some tips on my CV and interviewing techniques. I was scared about the interview process here in London! Adam's help was fundamental for me to understand the local market and I am so grateful to him. He works really hard not only on recruitment, but also on our language specific community - thanks Adam!
    Rodrigo LaranjoRodrigo Laranjo
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