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Here you will find all of the slides from our previous events.  We have had talks on diverse subjects such as IoT, Javascript, UX, UI, R, Functional programming, Messaging, GIS and many more.

All talks are delivered by members of our community and we encourage 1st time presenters to get on stage and share some knowledge.

We hold talks once per month (except in June / July / August & December) in central London locations and get drinks and pizza for everyone.

  • A Developer Primer on Blockchain
    A Developer Primer on Blockchain

    By Martin Beeby In this talk, Martin explained how you can build a peer-to-peer distributed ledger forged by consensus. He helped...

  • Corda: Blockchain for Business
    Corda: Blockchain for Business

    By Anthony Keenan In this talk, Anthony explained how Corda is an open source Blockchain project, designed for business from the...

  • How (and why) to Design your teams
  • 5 ineffective coding habits
    5 ineffective coding habits

    By Yan Cui In his talk, Yan explained to our attendees about the 5 Ineffecitve Coding Habbits IDinLondon – Yan...

  • OO considered harmful?  Time to go Functional?
    OO considered harmful? Time to go Functional?

    By Jason Dryhurst-Smith In his (Homer Simpson influenced) presentation, Jason talked to us about his experience working with F#. oo_to_functional...

  • The Continuous Delivery Model
    The Continuous Delivery Model

    By Luca Sgroi In his presentation, Luca talked us through how the goal as a professional software developer is to create...

  • Scaling banking operations (Monzo)
    Scaling banking operations (Monzo)

    By Eduard Schikurski In his presentation, Ed talked us through how Monzo are creating a customer support and operations...

  • Universal React Webapps with NextJS
    Universal React Webapps with NextJS

    By Kunal Mandalia In his presentation, Kunal talked us through a prototype being built at MarketInvoice honing in on...

  • 5 mantras to write better software
    5 mantras to write better software

    By Raul Avila In his presentation, Raul talked us through how we use lots of fancy frameworks and technologies in our...

  • An introduction to ReactJS
    An introduction to ReactJS

    By Jonathon Kelly In his presentation Jonathon tells us about the declarative, efficient & flexible Javascript library for building User...

  • Angular2 app with Docker & AWS
    Angular2 app with Docker & AWS

    By Riccardo di Nuzzo In his presentation Riccardo talks about running an Angular2 app with AWS and Docker.

  • Jupyter & Pandas
    Jupyter & Pandas

    By Andrea Crotti In his presentation Andrea talks about the Jupyter notebook.

  • R Language

    By Algirdas Pakštas In his presentation Algirdas talks about the R Language.

  • RabbitMQ

    By Łukasz Łysik In his presentation Łukasz talks us through the RabbitMQ.

  • The Enterprise Anti-Pattern
    The Enterprise Anti-Pattern

    By Luca Zenari In his presentation Luca talks us through the Enterprise Anti-Pattern.

  • Minimum viable UX
    Minimum viable UX

    By Ed Wydler In his presentation Ed talks about minimum viable user experience.

  • One paren at a time
    One paren at a time

    By Andrzej Kimel In his presentation Andrzej talks about Clojure.

  • Learning to embrace Elm
    Learning to embrace Elm

    By Jason Dryhurst-Smith In his presentation Jason talks us through Elm and how we should want it yesterday!

  • A Quest for Readable Tests
    A Quest for Readable Tests

    By Adam Kosiński In his presentation Adam talks about making tests more readable in order to speed up and improve...

  • MVVM an Introduction
    MVVM an Introduction

    By Brendon Bezuidenhout In his presentation Brendon talks us through the introduction to the MVVM.

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