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We have 5 sponsorship packages available; when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Feed the people! – Unavailable Taken by Monzo (thanks!) You’ll be featured on all promotional material and get a 30 minute speaker slot on the day.  You’ll also get to see the warm fuzzy glow of attendees being satisfied by your food! Throw in as much swag as you like, and we’ll even give you an emoji cushion with heart eyes as we’ll love you that much.
Ultimate (1 available) £795 + VAT A 10 minute slot to talk about your product, prominent logo / links on all mails about the conference and throw as much swag in the swag bags as you want.  All hot drinks on the day will have a wraparound sleeve with your company name on too!  A ‘stand’ in the break out zone where you can engage with people during the day. Also, we’ll give you mad love!
Gold (2 available) £395 + VAT A 2 minute slot to tell people about your company and what you do, logo on the IDinLondon website (and printed material for the day) on the 2017 page which will stay there forever (or until we forget to renew the domain, whichever comes first), drop a couple of pieces of swag in the swag bags.  Some love, but not as much as Ultimate.
Silver (2 available) £195 + VAT Logo on the IDinLondon website for all promotional material, drop 1 piece of swag.  Engage with the community on the day.  A hug from an IDinLondon team member.
Bronze (3 available) £49 + VAT Your logo on the website which will stay there forever.  The feeling that you’ve helped us to arrange a cool event.  A firm handshake.
Just Donate £whatever This is for our members; if you feel we have helped you in any way in the last 3 years with the talks / events and would like to help us make the day even more awesome and want to donate (even a fiver helps!) then get in touch and we will let you know how to pay!


Please email Adam Bolton if you would like to take up any of these sponsorship packages.

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